tmux cheatsheet

tmux is an awesome tool to manage terminal windows and to keep your terminal session running while you log on / off the computer. It works like GNU screen but better. Inside an tmux session you can have multiple windows or split your window into mulitple panes and switch betwee all of them.

Manage sessions from terminal

tmux new -s session-name         start named session
tmux a (-t session-name)         attach a (named) session
tmux ls                          list all sessions While running tmux: (ctrl+b)

While running tmux (ctrl+b)

Control windows

c        create window
w        list windows
n        next window
p        previous window
f        find window
,        name window
&        kill window

Control panes

%        vertical split
"        horizontal split
o        swap panes
q        show pane numbers
x        kill pane
+        break pane into window (e.g. to select text by mouse to copy)
-        restore pane from window
t        big clock

Control Sessions

s        list sessions
$        name session
:new<CR> new session
d        detach session